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Introducing Dewfresh Barista Milk!

The wait is over and coffee just got tastier! 

We are ecstatic to bring to you our Barista milk. 

Awaken the coffee connoisseur within and let your creativity flow with our Barista milk. There is no longer a need to dream of your favourite coffee shop’s lattes and cappuccinos because now you can make them at home and have something new to post on your Instagram! 

Our Barista milk – the super milk of coffee – is made with more protein and extra fat making this milk super creamy and delicious. What’s more, it produces a microfoam with a porcelain sheen that will put your latte art in a league of its own. 

Since the increase in coffee shop competition and search for the ultimate latte, we knew that it was time for us to get in the game and enable the Dewfresh family to make the nation’s greatest latte! Whether you are a budding coffee barista still practising at home or you own a coffee shop that needs something new, tasty and exciting to get people to stop in. A latte made with our Barista milk is guaranteed to leave your customers or loved ones feeling that much closer to the nostalgic pre-mask and sanitizer times. 

While our team refers to it as the richest milk, they’ve tasted one of the best parts of our Barista milk is that it is cost-effective yet certainly in a class of its own. The fat content in our regular milk is around 3.25 percent whereas our Barista milk’s fat content rises to above 4 percent. The ideal milk option for making the last few months of winter bearable and giving you a delightful morning boost in the summer season that will get you through the rest of your day with the summer sun in your heart! 

To our health enthusiasts worry not – our Barista milk comes in high fat and low-fat variations that are available in 500ml long-life cartons. Our Barista milk is also high in energy giving you the recharge you need throughout the day – we charge our cellphones so why not do what we can to recharge ourselves throughout the day. 

This milk can also be used to make your milkshakes and smoothies creamier. We also have to mention that our Barista milk packaging consists of 80 percent renewable plant-based material because when renewable material goes up carbon emissions come down. 

Get yours from selected Checkers and Pick n Pay stores and be sure to tag the Dewfresh team on your socials when unleashing your inner coffee barista.

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