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Dewfresh FunYo is a long life medium-fat drinking yoghurt with benefits that go beyond its delicious taste.   

While walking through your local supermarket it’s easy to notice a lack of tasty and healthy treats leaving consumers with a choice of either health or taste. FunYo is here to offer you both.  Dewfresh FunYo is a long life medium-fat drinking yoghurt with benefits that go beyond its delicious taste. FunYo changed the drinking yoghurt game by being a long life and preservative free dairy snack. Now you able to indulge in deliciousness for a longer period of time while getting all the health benefits that come with consuming yoghurt. FunYo is the perfect substitute to nutrient-poor and sugar loaded snacks.

Any health-conscious person knows the importance of prioritising balanced breakfasts. Start your day right by consuming a glass of FunYo with your breakfast. This nutrient rich snack will leave your memories of family breakfasts that much sweeter. Dewfresh FunYo is packed with protein making it the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle goals. Aiming to build muscle mass? FunYo has got your back. Aiming to lose weight? FunYo will  leave you feeling full for longer curing the hunger pangs during meals. Did we mention that it can aid digestion? 

FunYo is a perfect solution to your workday blues. The nutrients in this drinking yoghurt will give you the energy boost you need to power through your next meeting. Overslept and late for work? Worry not, FunYo makes the perfect missed breakfast snack! FunYo is also your best friend when it comes to beating summer heat. Increasing the amount of water your intestines absorbs and ultimately improving hydration. While in the colder months FunYo is an immune boosting taste sensation. 

While children rarely opt for any snacks labelled as a "health foods", Dewfresh FunYo is appealing to young tummies with three scrumptious flavours to choose from, peach, strawberry and banana! Our 200ml carton is the perfect addition to your children’s school lunchbox. This tasty treat will have all your kid’s friends jealous when it’s time for lunch. 

Dewfresh FunYo is a healthy treat for the whole family. Available in 2kg bottles, 1L cartons and of course our on the go 200ml cartons. 

Let’s put the FUN back in your day with Dewfresh's FunYO!





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